Friday, 2 January 2015

Lifestyle // *My Goals for 2015*

And so 2015 begins and what a year I am hoping it will be! But before I rush ahead of myself let's see how I got on in 2014!

Instead of making ridiculous resolutions for 2014 that I would not keep (you know diet/keep fit etc), I decided to set myself Goals for 2014, these goals were; pay of the remainder of my overdraft/open a savings account, save money towards a house, get onto a teaching course and pass theory/driving test.

If I do say so myself I didn't do too bad with these goals; I managed to pay of all but a third of my overdraft which I kept to help me out over the Christmas period, I opened a savings account, we are looking into sorting out how much we can borrow for a mortgage, I got onto the Early Years Initial Teacher Training Programme at Derby University and I passed my driving test in May! Woo a good year all round, so after goals like these what do I plan for 2015? Well here goes...

  • Be comfortable financially, budget appropriately.
  • Buy my first house with my partner.
  • Pass my EYITT and become an Early Years Teacher.
  • Plan and maybe start preparing for a family.
  • Think positive!
Remember if you set yourself goals! Be realistic, don't attempt more than you know you can handle!

Also, I found this to fill in for my year....

In 2015 -

A bad habit I'm going to break.... I will stop biting my nails! It's an anxiety issue I have when I am stressed and my nails look horrendous!

A destination I'd like to visit... My partner and I are in talks about hopefully visiting Amsterdam this year! I do hope it happens!

I'm going to work harder at... Passing my EYITT!

A project I'd like to finish... For Christmas my younger siblings bought me a Life Journal, so I am going to do my best to fill that in this year!

A class I'd like to take... Makaton! Which I shall be from January.

I'd like to spend more time doing... stuff with my partner, family and friends! I've been a right workaholic the last few months.

A food I want to eat more of... Fruit! I love the stuff I just can never be bothered to prepare it.

I want to wear more... everyday clothes, not just my uniform!

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