Monday, 12 May 2014

Music // *McBusted @ LG Arena Birmingham*

So at the beginning of the month myself and my little sister went to see McBusted at the LG Arena in Birmingham and must say it was awesome!
There was a bit of everything back to the future theme, spaceships, pyrotechnics, giant inflatable balls and inflatable triple boobs! And to make it even more exciting Fearne Cotton was there filming Fearne and McBusted! I have previously been to see Busted once when I was 13 and  McFly last year and both groups are both born performers but together it was even more a spectacle!
They started of the show with the 2005 Busted press conference of when Busted announced there split, from there Matt and James head back to 2014 back to the future style (in an actual Delorean entering the stage!) to join McFly. Matt and James emerge from the Delorean, to deafening screams filling the arena and then out jump the members of McFly from the stage and the opening chords of Air Hostess! It was a great start to the show and adrenaline was pumping throughout.
They continued to play comfortably as a group, singing it each others songs with vocals spread equally, including Five Colours in her Hair, Obviously, Sleeping with the Light on and Shine a Light.
The amazing set got even better when halfway through the show the supergroup descended from the roof of the arena on a spaceship! Busting out Stargirl (one of my personal favourites) the arena went wild!
Tom's wedding speech was shown as a banter filled version in which Matt and James hi-jack Tom and then burst into Crashed the Wedding which included A LOT of running around the stage and Matt Willis in a wedding dress!
The concert ended with All About You in which a majority of the crowd sang and ended with a very energetic Year 3000 (another of my personal faves).
Overall, I want to go again!
Thanks for reading, hope anyone else going to see them has as great a time I did!
Siobhan xoxo

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