Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Lifestyle // *My New Year Goals: Six Months On....*

We are now halfway through the first week of June and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to review my new year goals for 2014! First off I set myself four personal goals for 2014, they were Pay off the remainder of my overdraft/open a savings account, save money towards house/car, get onto a pgce, pass theory and driving test.
I also set myself some health goals for the new year these were to basically eat better, drink less alcohol and cut down on crappy food.
Well I haven't done too bad with the personal goals I have still yet to pay off the remainder of my overdraft, but I have opened a savings account. I have yet to start putting any money aside for a house, but I have borrowed some money in order to purchase a car. I didn't get onto a PGCE specifically but I have got onto a course called Early Years Initial Teacher Training that I will be starting in September. I did also pass my theory test in March and my practical driving test 2 weeks ago.
So all in all, I would say I've done pretty well this year and with six months still too go I am hoping I can cross of the remainder of my yearly goals.

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